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LEVEL 0 - PASS NASM/ACE and move into Level 1 Programming SUF-CPT

USD $55.00/month
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This tier includes our NASM Study guide, our NASM cheat sheet and helps you pass NASM within 30 days (please note we cannot guarantee you passing).

Upon entry, please email INFO@SHOWUPFITNESS.COM and tell us about yourself

  • Access to NASM Guide, MAP, Quizzes, weekly calls w/ Ashley (TBD), and on-demand videos - JUST SEARCH NASM & WATCH!

  • Access to Show Up Fitness Exercise Library with over 100-unique exercises NOT ON YOUTUBE

  • Ability to send questions to our NASM focused instructors.


Level 1 SUF CPT

Free for 14 days USD $100.00/month
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Become a Show Up Fitness Certified Personal Trainer - SUF - CPT:

  • Enjoy a 14 day free trial for our Level 1 SUF CPT course. 

  • Weekly live & recorded calls around programing (Katie), anatomy (Travis), exercise variations (Josh) and Q&A's with instructors.

  • Access to over 300-power point slides and assessment forms. 

  • Upon entry, please email INFO@SHOWUPFITNESS.COM and tell him about yourself - we want to know how we can help you.

  • SUF - CPT can help you with your resume, interviews, and get hired at Life Time Fitness & Equinox.


Level 2 SUF Mentorship

USD $100.00/month
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Once you pass your SUF CPT, move into becoming a level 2 coach!

  • This tier which will get you access to 16-corrective exercises videos with Tony Gentilcore & classes from Doc Lisa Lewis on our Strategic Growth Sessions.
  • LIVE training sessions with Show Up Fitness PT's, Injury prevention / rehab videos with Physical Therapists and access to programming calls with case examples.
  • You will need to know the actions of 40-muscles and film yourself doing the core movement patterns with a 10rm.

Level 3 CSCS & Advanced Programming

USD $100.00/month
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This plan is for coaches who have completed our Level 1 & 2 coaching tiers AND those who need to pass the CSCS:

  • Show Up Fitness CSCS Study Guide.
  • Two ZOOM LIVE classes per / week with Barack Little & Chris Hitchko.
  • Classes review the 4th Edition NSCA-CSCS Essential of Strength & Conditioning Textbook
  • This class will be beneficial for anyone trying to work with athletes and learn more about physiology, bio-energetics and programming.


  • 60-day schedule for passing the CSCS studying / reviewing a minimum of 1-hour per day.
  • Each week we will have 2-zoom LIVE classes which are recorded.
  • We will do 10-questions per 1-hour class. Once a month we will an additional class with Professor Cholewa doing physiology questions and a Registered Dietitian reviewing Nutrition Calculations.
  • Our Facebook group we will be posting weekly test / video questions.
  • Every week we will be doing case examples and programming via the Needs Analysis
  • If you have a case example that you’d like for us to review, we can schedule a call.

  • Wk 1: Chapters 1-3
  • Wk 2: Chapters 4-6
  • Wk 3: Chapters 7-9
  • Wk 4: Chapters 10-12
  • Wk 5: Chapters 13-15
  • Wk 6: Chapters 16-18
  • Wk 7: Chapters 19-21
  • Wk 8: Chapters 22-24

Nutrition Coach

USD $100.00/month
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Once you've passed your Level 1, begin your journey into becoming a nutrition coach with access to videos from Registered Dietitian (Nutrition by Mel) and our team Psychologist Dr. Lisa Lewis. You will learn everything addressing the Body Mass Equation, nutrition misconceptions, motivational interviewing and ways to help your client with mindset, binge eating and when to refer out.


Level 4 - SUF Trainer - Prehab / Rehab

USD $250.00/month
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Want to train at a Show Up Fitness? You must complete the level 4 with Chris and the vetting process with industry elites like Dr. Waterbury and Luke Worthington