What is the Show Up Fitness Internship?

Back in 2012, Chris Hitchko, the founder of Show Up Fitness and Show Up Fitness Internship saw that there was a huge deficit in the fitness industry. Trainers were getting certified but were not being armed with the tools to run a sustainable and prosperous personal training business. So, he came up with The Show Up Fitness Internship. The Show Up Fitness Internship teaches newly certified or wanna-be personal trainers all aspects of becoming a qualified personal trainer. What makes you qualified? Being able to program for a variety of body types, being able to sell yourself and your business and maintain clients, being able to assess a potential client, and having the knowledge and know-how to operate a professional company (i.e showing up on time, engaging with your clients, creating and knowing their goals, etc.).

How does it work?

There are two types of internships within the Show Up Family. The online internship is a series of Sections and Chapters that take you through the entire course. These are accented with daily live classes where you can ask the instructor questions and engage with other students. The in-person internship is a daily class that happens at one of our gyms Santa Monica, West Hollywood, San Diego or Austin,TX. Find more about the in-person internship here.

Do I have to be certified to attend?

Nope! We accept newly certified or wannabe personal trainers. You could be just beginning your career in personal training or be a trainer with 2+ years and just want a bit of a refresh. The good thing about the Show Up Fitness Internship is that we can adjust your curriculum according to what you need and want. Have questions, just send us a note or DM us on Instagram. 

Will I pass NASM if I do this internship?

We have a few subscription plans, a number of which are focused on passing the NASM-CPT Exam. While the pass NASM subscription does not guarantee you will pass, we have a 90% pass rate with simply that class and our study sessions. We also offer the NASM Guarantee which is $200/month and is a rigorous 30-day course with our NASM instructor. If you do not pass after attending all classes and doing the coursework - we will refund you the full amount minus a $20 processing fee.

How does the billing work?

Upon choosing your subscription you will be taken to a checkout page where the month’s subscription cost will be due upon check out. Thereafter you will be billed monthly on that date for your subscription, if you want to cancel at any time please visit your subscription homepage and adjust it there.

What if I want more after I graduate from the internship program?

The great thing about Show Up Fitness is that we are a community of fitness professionals that are always growing and striving to be better. Pending on what you are looking for, we have seminars almost every month at various locations across the states that you can join. We also have a private Facebook group for Show Up Fitness interns, current and former, so we can always keep in touch. And lastly, pending you want to work for Show Up Fitness we are always willing to discuss the future and potential career opportunities with Show Up Fitness.