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Show Up Fitness CPT is one of the fastest growing personal training certifications in the world.

The 2-day seminars are to help trainers of all levels learn how to optimize their programming, retention, sales and scaling of business. Our CCA system for personal trainers and coaches optimize their client’s fitness and performance around the common presence of pain and injuries (when to refer out to your medical team.) In this 15-hour course, attendees will master some of the most powerful methods and modalities to take instant action to grow your book of business and become successful

Why The SUF CPT is the Best!

Everything you need to become a qualified personal trainer or fitness instructor is covered within our Show Up Fitness subscriptions. We cover Anatomy, Movement and over 500-trainer engaged exercises. Alongside the fundamentals you'll also become elite at developing programs for clients. Programs can focus on any or a combination of the following subjects: fat loss, injuries, sports performance, body building, elderly, or pregnancy.

Meet Your Instructors

Get hands on experience with our coaches and learn the fundamentals of movement, programming, anatomy and group training.

Chris Hitchko

Favorite Trainer with a belt buckle

Meagan Harbinson

SD & NASM Instructor

Travis Carney

All things anatomy

Katie Barrett

Learn how to program

Josh Ortiz

Leader of Exercise Variations and ways to improve your programs.

Ashley Garcia

NASM expert and here to help you pass!

Jorge Varela

Hablas Español y quieres aprobar NASM?

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Show Up Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

This is the best CPT available providing you with the 7 day road map AND giving you unlimited access to all of our additional content alongside monthly/weekly live classes.

This online plan includes:

  • Weekly live and recorded calls covering programming, anatomy, exercise variations and Q&As.

  • 500 Hours of learning material.

  • Access to over 300 power point slides and assessment forms.

  • 1 on 1 assistance to help you get hired at top gyms, start your own business and follow your passion for fitness.

  • Cancel anytime!

Our community is here to help

If you have questions, imposture syndrome or any damaging doubts & fears- Show Up Fitness will help you with it all!

Learn Anatomy, Movement, Nutrition & over 500-trainer engaged exercises

17-muscles of the shoulder, 40-muscles around the hip, 8-core movement patterns w/ regressions, progressions, cueing & the Body Mass Equation.


We have helped 100s of trainers get hired at premiere gyms around the world/ Whether it is Equinox, Lifetime Fitness or any boutique gym that you want; our Level 1 & 2 Coaches are highly sought after at all of them due to our rigorous and thorough internship program.

Interact LIVE with Fitness Professionals

Get all of your questions answered with instant access to fitness professionals who have been in the industry for 15+ years. Examples of folks you will interact with: CEOs, Professors, Strength Coaches, Dietitians, Physical Therapists, Psychologist, Doctors and so many more!

Customize Client Programming

Become ELITE at developing programs for clients. Programs can focus on any or a combination of the following subjects: fat loss, injuries, sports performance, body building, elderly, or pregnancy. If you have a UNIQUE case example, bring it to class & we will design it with you!

Join a community of folks who are industry experts!

Enjoy an interactive community platform to chat with other trainers and industry experts.

Hear how we have helped these folks in just a few months!

Show Up Helped me grow my IG & TikTok to over 5,000 followers which helped drive a new stream of revenue.

Gabby - LA


Show Up helped me make $11,500 from my in-home gym.

Devin - Boston


Show Up has helped me scale my online business & become a BADASS!

Helen Ann


Show Up has helped me grow my clientele base from 12 clients to over 25!

Amir - Brussels

Instagram: PRYMESET

Show Up helped me get hired as a Level 1 coach at the top gym in Turkey.

Emir - Turkey



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